Zosh Geary

Covered head-to-toe in hooded black armor, Zosh doesn't make the best first impression... or second.


Smuggler. Trained as a pilot, mechanic, and hacker. Good shot with a blaster.


Zosh is young and he acts younger.

By accident or a grand design an six-year-old Zosh found himself in the back of a ship out bound to space, he was found shortly after they cleared the atmosphere but his new “buddies” didn’t turn around. Zosh was kept on as a “crew” member whose job was cleaning the ship in what small, cramped nooks as was inconvenient for the adults. In a few months, quick mind and nimble fingers earned him a promotion to small item “acquirer” when they made pit stops on various planets and stations. Zosh learned lots while flying with his companions, little of it was… legal. After a few years, when he had grown enough to reach all the flight controls Zosh was in charge of making sure the ship didn’t run into anything while everyone else was “sampling” local intoxicants. Zosh grew to truly love the peaceful emptiness of space. Noting a talent for piloting, the leader of the crew, entered Zosh into a youth shuttle race with dire threats of hell waiting if he lost. Which he did, he still bears the scars as the leader made good on his threats. He, however, had been close enough that after fixing the shuttle and with a little practice he began to win more than lose. One night after a particularly bad crash causing the top two favorites to be hospitalized, Zosh found himself in serious danger of being sold as a slave to cover lost bets. Making himself scarce he fled the only home he remembered. He was 12.

No ship would take on a 12-year-old as a Pilot, and without any background or ID, Zosh was stuck. The next 10 years were a blur of a mix of orphanages, work shops, and factories. Until, a man passing spotted a 22-year-old Zosh sitting in a ship wreakage explaining to a crowd of children how it worked and a few stories of flying. The man approached the factory currently in “charge” of Zosh and was given custody. The man turned out to be a transporter of the less fortunate and in need of a back-up pilot, the last having been promoted to pilot after the ship was last boarded. Growing sick by the cruel conditions inflicted upon the desperate passengers, after arriving at earth to pick up a new batch Zosh threatened to report the ship to the authorities if the conditions were not changed. He was chased off by laser fire and left behind.

Zosh Geary

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